Wine represents passion, it creates a link between the earth and our senses, the wines origin and its destination. Wine draws people together from all over the world. Wine brings joy and enhances friendship. So that you can partake in this, we have, over the years, built up a portfolio several hundreds of thousands of bottles. More than 1'400 different kinds of wine are stored in our cellars, awaiting their final destination. Beginning with the most recent vintages, our wine gallery goes all the way back to the 18th century, thus spanning four centuries! And there are other ranges, too. Our smallest bottle contains just 37.5 cl, our largest 18 litres of wine! Bordeaux is our speciality, supplemented by the finest wines from Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland.

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Für Lieferungen in die Schweiz

Deliveries in Switzerland

Lieferungen in die Schweiz werden ausschliesslich durch unseren Partner Gerstl Weinselektionen ausgeführt.

Deliveries in Switzerland are made exclusively by our partner Gerstl Weinselektionen.

Gerstl Weinselektionen Gerstl Weinselektionen